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Carrying out activities like selling and buying in the stock market over the internet is known as online trading. In fact the term online trading is not only limited to trading of shares and stocks, though primarily used in this regard. Online forex trading is also a popular type of trading which is carried over the internet. To differentiate between online stock trading or online share trading and online forex trading, the online forex trading is about trading of foreign exchange like dollars or pounds over the internet and the other online trading in discussion here is about the trading of stocks and shares over the internet. Since there is not much difference between stocks and shares, terms online stock trading and online share trading are used interchangeably.

Online stock trading is today the most preferred mode of trading in stock market. All you need to have is an online account created at any trading portal and a bank account which can be used to manage your money. Most of the banks in India offers the online share trading facility through their dedicated demat services. All the portals offering the online stock trading facility also charge account opening fee and a brokerage on every transaction you do in your account with them.

As mentioned, Forex online trading is another hot money making business. This rise and fall in the international currency values, especially the big ones, has promoted the online forex trading big time. As the name suggests, the forex online trading is about buying the currency when the value plummets and selling it when the value of that currency increases. Many trading portals offer the facility for forex online trading also. However, for any sort of online trading, including forex online trading, one must ensure that the portal or the broker is a trusted and reputed one. Today online forex trading is legally allowed in many countries including India because not only for the trader but the forex online trading is a beneficial proposition for a country's economy also.

Online stock trading and online share trading has become such a big source of home based employment that there are proper professional coaching institutes mushrooming around the world to teach you tips and tricks of the trade. One such institute is the online trading academy, a US based pioneer in offering professional courses in online trading. Started in the year 1997, the online trading academy has now centers in countries outside the USA also. The online trading academy has an excellent track record of producing highly qualified and trained experts of the online share trading business. The online trading academy offer courses in almost everything related to market, including the trading of stocks, shares and currencies. Though one might argue that no formal education is required for trading in stock market but the institutes like the online trading academy are needed if you want to take up trading as a serious profession instead of just a part time income.

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