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About Mutual Funds

A television advertisement from a leading name in mutual funds India sees the entire bus guffawing at a poor man because he advises his wife to invest the money in fixed deposits instead of more profiting making mutual funds. So is mutual fund really a secure way to earn better returns on our investments as compared to traditional methods of investing? This question baffles the mind of millions of TV watchers for whom the term mutual fund still sounds Greek.

At we are trying to demystify the term “mutual funds” by helping you understand what exactly the phrase means. You can also find answers to your questions about the different kinds of mutual fund, which are the leading names in mutual funds India and what are the best mutual funds one should consider investing in? So let’s begin our sojourn in knowing what mutual funds are all about.

Know more about mutual fund

In simplest terms mutual funds can be described as a collective investment plan which is managed by financial professionals. Here the money is collected from many investors who don’t have knowledge about the scary world of stock market and the money is then invested on their behalf by the mutual funds India companies into various securities such as bonds, stocks, other best mutual funds, short term money market instruments and also in buying various commodities like gold and other precious metals.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds India

Lower trading costs and investment diversification are considered to be leading advantages of mutual fund investment. Also, investing in mutual funds India makes sense for individuals who do not have a good understanding about how the stock market moves. By purchasing mutual funds, these individuals could enjoy a good night’s rest as their money is being managed by high end professionals. Therefore, mutual fund could also be described as professionally managed investment portfolio. The other advantages of mutual funds India include ease of liquidity and ability to make an investment in mutual funds by paying as less as Rs 50 per month.

Different types of mutual funds

There are kaleidoscope of mutual funds schemes available for the investors based on their financial position, return expectations, risk tolerance etc. Based on the structure mutual funds can be classified as open ended schemes where the users can make investment anytime by buying and selling mutual fund units at their Net Asset Value (NAV). There are also close ended schemes with pre defined maturity close and interval schemes offered by mutual funds India providers. Mutual funds are also categorized based on their nature into equity funds, debt funds and balanced funds.

Purely from the investment perspective mutual funds India can be categorized into growth schemes, tax saving schemes, income schemes, money market schemes, balanced schemes, index schemes etc.

So which are the best mutual funds to begin investments?

Based on your investment capital and the category of investment some of the best mutual funds providers in India include names of financial institutions like SBI mutual funds in FMCG, Reliance for Banking equities, and UTI for transport and logistics etc. Other best mutual funds providers in India include names like Canara bank, Bank of Baroda, Fidelity, etc.

To learn more about these best mutual funds providers visit on the relevant pages of to get detailed information. Enjoy browsing through, a reliable companion to help you make best mutual funds investments.

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