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About Current Account

There are different kinds of  Current Account with different banks and in case you want to open the current account you can get all the details and also the  Current Account interest rate. We at money superbazaar provide you with all the necessary information in regards to the Current Account and also the Current Account interest rate.

Various Kinds of Current Accounts Available

There are many banks which have different kinds of Current Accounts with them suiting the needs of the customers.

Eligibility Criteria

A person, partnership firms, Companies, Associations, Clubs, Charitable, religious, educational institutions, Trusts etc. 

Documents Required to Open the Current Account

  • Identity proof such as Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport.
  • Address proof such as Latest Electricity bill, Telephone bill.

Private and Public Ltd Companies

  • Commencement and Incorporation of Business Certificate.
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Board resolution which authorizes the operation and opening of account.
  • GIR No or PAN or Form 60 which is completed.
  • List of the Directors along with their residential address.

Partnership Firms

  • Registration Certificate and Partnership Deed.
  • Establishment and Shop Certificate.
  • Letter from the partners who approve the concerned persons to operate and open the account.

Proprietorship Concerns

  • Certificate from Statutory Body or State Govt or Sales Tax or Trade License Certificate or Establishment and Shop Certificate.
  • Passport size photos of all the signatories authorized.
  • Karta’s and Co –Parceners residential address.
  • Completed Form 60 or GIR No or PAN.
  • Letter of the HUF which is signed by all the Co- Parceners and the Karta.
  • Letter of proprietorship which is signed by proprietor in his individual capacity with rubber stamp.

Terms and Conditions

  • One should be 18 years and above.
  • Should meet the KYC norms.
  • Should meet the document requirements mentioned by the bank.

Product Page url and Contact Details of the Bank

The details of the bank’s products can be got from their respective sites and the information pertaining to the Current Account and also the Current Account interest rate can be got from

Advantages of Having the Current Account

One gets to enjoy a whole lot of benefits if he opens the current account and though the account in non-interest bearing the advantages are many.

Attractive Freebies and Concessions

People get to enjoy good discounts while they shop and also get good concessions on rate of interest on the loan taken from the same account where they have the account opened.

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