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HDFC Bank ups FD rates by up to 75 bps

New Delhi: HDFC Bank today became the first lender to increase its fixed deposit rates by up to 75 basis points after RBI raised key short-term rates.With deposit rates going up, the bank may also raise lending rates in the next few weeks, a bank official said.The revised fixed deposit rates would be effective from July 30.When contacted, HDFC Bank Executive... Read more

Usage of credit cards on the rise again

MUMBAI: Credit card use — a strong indicator of consumer confidence — is on the rebound, touching a 15-month high in May. While consumer confidenceis one factor triggering such high transactions, the move by banks to ramp up the credit card business, acceptance of plastic money for routine deals and increased security aspects are also aiding the surge,... Read more

Investment advice: tips on intelligent investment

Whether you’re a stock market amateur or a veteran, there are some mistakes that can cost you heavily and undermine your chances of investment success. To avoid making such mistakes, all you need to do is to make sure that you don’t misunderstand the basic investment principles and stay calm and composed.

Top 8 money tips for NRIs

NRIs, have you’ve been toiling hard to rake in that extra bit but unable to fathom where all your money disappears by the end of the month? Chances are there’s a money leak. Fix it right away with a financial budget says Geeta Nair before your expenses balloon to unimaginable proportions leading you to a debt trap.A financial budget can help you set... Read more

7 steps to better investment planning!

We invest to safeguard ourselves for a rainy day. If you’ve just started investing or want to start, then you could use our 7-step plan to become your own investment consultant! Managing your investments becomes easy when you make it a habit to save, even if it’s very little money. You need to keep a meticulous account of personal income versus... Read more
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