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About Customer Care

In today’s world of cut throat competition, the only winning recipe is to treat your customers like king. Customercare department has to play an important role in not only retaining your existing customers but good customer care also helps in driving more customers to the institute. A friendly customer care department is one of the prerequisite for any financial institution to increase its customer base. In financial institutions like bank, a helpful customercare executive is always appreciated by the clients as they feel that their money is in safe hands. Some of the best customer care services provided by the Indian banks include names like HDFC customer care, SBI customer care and ICICI customer care.

Why good customercare is important for the growth of any financial institution?

  • Excellent customer care helps the clients to develop a confidence in the institute. HDFC customer care, SBI customer care and ICICI customer care provides 24x7 assistance to their customers which gives them the assurance that they can reach out for help anytime they want. Effective customercare is the main reasons why these banks are preferred not just by domestic customers but even by NRI’s
  • In a recent survey conducted by a national newspaper, many customers preferred good customer care as compared to high interest rates offered by the banks and this is where HDFC customer care, SBI customer care and ICICI customer care walks away with the cake. Despite many financial institutions facing the recession crunch, these institutions are growing, thanks to the laudable efforts of their customercare department.
  • ICICI customer care is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Besides 24x7 executive assistance provided by the ICICI customer care staff one can even find answers to their queries online in 10 working days. ICICI customer care department has started a MILAP program where customers can meet branch executives and share their concerns and provide tips for improvement.
  • SBI customer care besides 24x7 support also holds a special forum on 15th of every month where clients can walk-in between 3-5 pm and discuss their problems with SBI customer care executives. In case the issues cannot be resolved by the SBI customer care local team the clients can take the matter for discussion to regional head offices. The customercare team at SBI also provides online help solutions
  • HDFC customer care makes it one of the most endearing institutions for home loan seekers. HDFC customer care could be contacted by the clients even on weekends and other bank holidays. So you no longer have to worry about losing your credit card on a holiday as HDFC customer care is there to here you out and resolve the issue.

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