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The financial sector in India has many prominent names offering a wide range in services and products. In India, many banks and financial institutions share the banking sector. Banks in India can be nationalised, private or foreign. Several prominent international banks have entered India and set up base. With the Reserve Bank of India coming out with new guidelines for foreign banks, there has been a marked increase in the number of foreign banks in India. While the presence of several Foreign banks has been felt in India for many years, many new banks have made it recently to the list of foreign banks in the country. With the ever increasing interest in foreign banks in India, there is much demand for further information on Foreign banks on the Internet. Today, websites such as Money Super Bazaar offer comprehensive information on all banks included in the list of foreign banks in the country.

With more and more Foreign banks making it to the list of foreign banks in the country, the number of foreign banks in India has gone up considerably in recent years. Currently, there are over 25 Foreign banks in India. While there are several prominent name featuring on the list of foreign banks in India, major names include –

  • Royal Bank of Scotland,
  • American Express Bank,
  • Bank of America Bank,
  • BNP Paribas Bank,
  • Deutsche Bank,
  • HSBC Bank,
  • Standard Chartered Bank,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • Scotia Bank,
  • Citibank,
  • Bank of Ceylon, and
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank.

In addition to the international banks above-mentioned, there are various others banks operating in India as well.

Offering the highest grade in services and products, Foreign banks have an ever expanding customer base to their credit. With prompt and effective net banking facility, banks that find a mention in the list of foreign banks provide effective banking solutions online along with seamless transfer of funds. While the official websites of these banks offer information on all the services offered by the bank concerned, there are several financial websites as well that can be approached for details on foreign banks in India and the services offered by them. Money Super Bazaar is the perfect platform for looking up information on foreign banks in India.

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