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Women Empowerment with IDBI SuperShakti Women Account

The status of the country can be measured by the way Women are treated. This is the era of urban development. Women are now part of each and every work force and they are creating an impact in various front. Women Entrepreneurs have proved to be better decision makers, proactive and workaholics when compared to their male counterparts. Women empowerment is also the main focus of World Bank as they feel it would help in a nation achieve economic development.

The Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) is a financial service company established in the year 1964 with an aim to provide credit facilities for the Industrial sector. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. However, the bank has come a long way from its primary aim over the years. The bank has now come up with an attractive multi featured special savings account for women. This ambitious project empowering the women has been named as SuperShakti Women account.

IDBI Woman Savings Account Benefits

  • Savings Account with Zero Balance facility.
  • Two additional zero balance accounts for children of account holder who are below the age of eighteen.
  • Bank follows simple Documentation.
  • Quick online transfer of funds between same banks and other banks.
  • Bank offers excellent options for bill payments, merchandise purchases from e-commerce sites.

Some of the prominent features of SuperShakti Women’s Account

  • The account comes with a special International ATM cum Debit card.
  • The Average Quarterly Balance to be maintained by the account holder are
    • Tier- A Branch - Rs. 5,000/-
    • Tier- B Branch - Rs. 2,500/- 
  • The failure to maintain the Average Quarterly Balance does not invite any penal charges.
  • The bank provides Auto Sweep out / sweep in facility earning better interest rates on amount above Rs. 15,000
  • Account provides the facility to withdraw Rs. 40,000/- per day using ATM card.
  • IDBI provides personalized PAP Cheque Book with each account.
  • Cancellation of PO/DD does not incur any extra charges.
  • Locker facility comes at a 25% discount charge.
  • Availing the Demat facility comes with 50% discount.
  • E-mail is sent on the registered e-mail free of cost.
  • ATM cards can be used free of cost on 10 occasions at other bank ATM.
  • Facility to set up free standing instructions.

Applying Procedure

It is very easy to get your SuperShakti Women’s Account. All you need to do is to contact using phone banking or walk into the nearest IDBI bank. Rest will be looked after by the Bank representatives.

Do not delay get maximum benefit out of this new scheme and be an empowered woman.

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