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What Are The Steps Involved In Registering A Motor (Car and Two Wheeler) Insurance Claim?

The procedure of motor insurance for making a claim in case of car insurance have been mentioned below:

Car Insurance claim procedure

Cashless facility for making a claim for any motor insurance is provided by many banks. The insurance made through a particular bank has a network of garages where the insured motor can get repaired and thus the cashless facility can be availed in these garages but in the case if one hasn’t taken their motors to the networked garage of their motor insured banks then the claim can later be get reimbursed.

The different documents required for making a claim of any motor under various scenarios are mentioned below:

General documents t hat are to be submitted in all the cases when the procedure of motor insurance claim is to be made:

  • Claim form duly signed
  • Copy of RC of the insured vehicle
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Stamp of the company from where the vehicle is registered.

The other documents required under the various circumstances for making the claim are listed below:

1- Documents for Accident claim:

  • Copy of the Policy especially the first two pages
  • Copy of FIR based on the case
  • Original document of cost estimation
  • Original Invoice mentioning the repairs done
  • Receipt of the payment and in case of opting for cashless facility only the repair invoice is to be submitted

2 - Documents for Theft claim:

  • All the original keys of the motor theft
  • Original documents of the policy
  • Original copy of FIR
  • Report from the police stating the “NO Trace Report” of the claimed vehicle
  • Transfer papers from RTO with the signed form numbers 28, 29, 30 and 35

3 - Documents for Third Party claim:

  • Copy of FIR by Police
  • Copy of the policy of claimed vehicle

Steps involved in registering for a claim of motor insurance:

  • In case of accident the number of the other vehicle should be noted.
  • Detail like Name and contact details of any witness
  • Calling the insurance company and providing them the details like claim number.
  • The insurance company them provides with the details like list of documents required for making the claim and the list of garage that provide the cashless facility.
  • Registering FIR with the police station in the scenario of damage to property, theft and damage to the motor.

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