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Transfer Money Anywhere In The World With Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Financial Services, Inc. acts as global ambassadors connecting people and business all over the world. Western Union introduced electronic money transfer service in 1871. Since then, they are the leaders in this field with thousands of agent locations all over the world. They made the entire process to be convenient, reliable and superfast.

One can make use of their service to send money to India from any of their agent location all over the world. This process can be done online or through phone from Canada and United States of America. Online cash transfer can be done either by using Credit card or Debit card.

Money can be sent or received at Western Union agent location without any citizenship or membership papers, bank accounts and credit cards, whereas, money receiver in India should produce their valid government issued photo identification card. Based on the amount send, there may be a necessity to produce additional documents. One can send maximum of $2500 to India according to the Reserve Bank of India regulations. Whatever the location be, senders can pay their amount in local cash. Sending money from India is not possible but money will be delivered in India in the form of Indian rupees.

Western Union has introduced attractive Western Union money transfer charges to transfer money to India. For any online transaction between senders’ bank account and receivers’ bank account, there is no fee till the amount of $2,999. The same is applicable to transfer money online from senders’ credit or debit card to receivers’ bank account. If there is online transaction of money between senders’ bank account and Western Union location, then the transfer fee starts from $1. If the money transaction occurs between sender’s credit or debit card and Western Union location, then their fastest service fee starts from $1.

Apart from the transfer fees, every transaction is subjected to currency exchange rate fixed by Western Union. Western Union collects exchange rates that are beneficial to the customers with minimum foreign currency per dollar than the amount received by Western Union when they receive foreign currency. This exchange rate is subjected to change on daily basis.

This system is extremely beneficial for Indians who are working abroad. It is the simplest way to transfer money to their family in India. They should follow the simple protocol available online and send money happily and safely.

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