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The Platinum Debit Card Loaded With Profit and Comfort

This Platinum debit card from HDFC is a benefit for anybody and everybody as it lets you just carry your money so easily and safely with you. Gone are the days when you had to carry the currency and keep bothering if you are going to be the prey of thieves or robbers. Now, you can carry huge amounts of money by simply loading them into your account and using your debit card.

The benefits of visa platinum debit card offered by HDFC are manifold. First and foremost, whether you use your Platinum Debit card for purchases over the internet or if you purchase on your card over the counters, you will get cash back of 1%, meaning you will get a credit of 1% of this into your account.  This is a very important feature as this means that you only spend less than what you actually spend, meaning if you swipe your card for Rs. 1000, you are spending only Rs. 990, as you would have got a refund of Rs. 10. So, the bigger the value of the purchase, the bigger is the amount of credit into your account.

This will mean that you can use your Platinum Debit Card to swipe for more purchases, and you can buy smaller items for free literally. For example, if you use your card to buy something for 1 Lakh, then you would have got a refund of Rs. 1000 which you can use to buy something else and this is actually free of cost, as this has been purchased only on the cashback offer which is one of the best and most useful benefits of visa platinum debit card.

Topping the list of the other benefits of visa platinum debit card is that when you fuel up your vehicles, there is enough reason for you to smile. There is an option on your platinum debit card that offers you a credit of the fuel surcharge for all fuel purchases that you make using the same. This means every time you fuel your vehicle, you will also see that money keeps coming in your account again as a service offered by the bank. This becomes one good reason why you should use the card that will continue to give you more than you expect.

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