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Take Loans Easily With Bank of India Loans

Bank of India is one of the Public Sectors banking organisations, offering banking services to all starting with a salaried person opening a basic savings account to large corporates to have their fund management process done through the bank. The current advantage with banks being net banking, Bank Of India net bankinggives comprehensive facilities for banking operations in an easy and convenient manner. Bank of India maintains a separate browser called Star Token for doing their net banking operations with utmost security, which the user must activate before entering their website for net operations.

Bank of India Loan Schemes

Bank of India offers a number of loan schemes for the commoner, which are very useful and customer friendly. Bank of India loans start with a base rate of 10.25% currently and the interest rates range according to the type of loan and size of loan. There are a number of loans available and among the Personal Loan schemes Bank of India two wheeler loans are popular. These loans come under their Star Auto Fin Scheme and presently they are available at an interest rate of 10.7% for new vehicles and 11.5% for the second hand vehicles. Bank of India also provides loans for purchase of Jewelleries and the Bank of India Gold loan interests are at a rate 3% above the prevailing standard base rates

Bank of India Debit Card

Bank of India also provides a debit card which serves also as the ATM card. The Bank of India ATM cards can be used in any of the millions of Automatic Telling Machine booths established throughout the country. The ATM usage can be through a PIN which will be of four numerical digits. This PIN is provided by the bank’s computer centre like how they send the Internet banking passwords, and then giving scope for the individual to change according to one’s choice. Bank of India debit card PIN is very important code, not only for drawing funds from the ATMs but also for re-setting the passwords for net banking, just in case one forgets the password.

Bank of India Internet Banking

It is a good practice to opt for Bank of India netbanking facility, although the present usage of cheques and operating bank accounts through the bank counters manually will still be possible. However, considering the large number of customers swarming the bank counters and the time taken for processing the transactions, Bank of India net banking is the best choice, which enables one to do bank transactions in few clicks of the mouse.

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