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Super CashGain Insurance Plan A plan that Secures Your Child and Gives You a Steady Flow of Income

One of the most basic elements of planning and leading a social life in the modern world is the use and approach towards ones investments. These investments become particularly important when investments are made in life and other insurances. One such remarkable insurance is the plan is initiated by the Bajaj Allianz group which is its Super Cash Gain Insurance Plan. An investment in this plan ensures that the investors enjoy the petite pleasures that life offers along its way. The plan allows the investors of to plan their investments as saving and assets; having said that the plan also offers a constant and periodic income. Apart from ensuring a secured and prosperous life, this plan also ensures considerable periodic income.

The Super Cash Gain Insurance Plan provides benefits that are unique to it. The long list of benefits and advantages include:

  1. Four fold of the base amount can be taken as an assured return.
  2. Complete freedom and flexibility to choose between a total period that ranges from 12 years, 16 years, 20 years or even 24 years.
  3. Also, there is a high degree of advantage from small amounts of premiums. This also provides a respite to the investors as the plan asks for no premiums during the final five years of this plan.
  4. The Super Cash Gain Insurance Plan offers a 20% assured cash back of the total base amount which can be availed at regular intervals. The investors have the freedom that allows them to pick up this benefit as a premium in the final or have a cash debit.
  5. The Policy also frees you to have advance payment of premiums. Not only do these allow users to get rid of premium issues but also offers discounts to those who offer it.

Apart from these the Super Cash Gain insurance offers, the investors choose between several policy and plan variants.

These variants cater to almost all kinds of investors and ensure that the benefits of the policy reach out to many men.

The variants of the policy are.

Silver: The Base sum assured is total to the sum assured.
Gold: The Base Sum Assured is doubled into the Sum Assured.
Diamond: The Base Sum Assured is multiplied three folds in the sum assured.
Platinum: The Total Sum assured is returned as the quadruple of the base sum.

These are some benefits that make the Super Cash Gain Insurance Plan stand out.

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