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Steps to be Taken While Transferring Money Online

With advent of technology in daily life of common man and easy reach of internet even to a layman, many options have emerged to transfer money online. Online financial transactions has led to emergence of e-commerce businesses and breaking the geographical barriers to send money to loved ones within no time.

While transfer funds online is supported by almost every financial institution, the users are expected to exercise due care and diligence before proceeding to transact online in financial matters. Initially, check for security lock on the website or the https (instead of http) in the browser. Then add the beneficiary to bank account, if transacting through online banking channels. Alternatively, create an account on the portal of third party payment service providers like paypal, moneygram or google. Certain banks are also supporting transfer money online facility through social networking websites. However, in any case, ensure not to share the security passwords with anyone.  In case there is any doubt on password compromise, do request for a new one.

With username and password credentials, one can enter the desired amount, purpose and name of beneficiary. The system cross verifies the details entered and seeks additional layer of security password (skipped in certain cases) and upon confirmation, the transfer money online is carried out.

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