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SMS Banking Make Banking More Comfortable

Almost every bank is aiming to project its customer friendly approach. This is because of the competitive market in banking sector. Most of the banking services are almost getting equivalent and the edge can be derived by being customer friendly. A few years ago, internet banking was the buzzword. People were given unique IDs and passwords to open their accounts using these passwords. It is also currently under full swing operation. But, there is the need to add more zing to the operational systems of banking. Such facilities are being extended through SMS banking, thereby making banking activities easy, quick and convenient.

Plenty of benefits of SMS banking have been provided since this kind of service was introduced. Nowadays, most of the banks both nationalised and private sector banks are able to extend this support. Clear cut advantages of this system have spurred the common man to take up this facility in their mobile phones.

  • Not only does it become easier for them to access the banking transactions and information by simply sending a message at a particular number, the response is also quick. It is easier to type a few letters in the message box and the required information is received. Different kinds of information, such as deposit amounts, last transaction history, current balance, transfer of money and few other benefits of SMS banking are evident. Such wide range of functionalities helps in further boosting the popularity.
  • In order to avail the benefits of SMS banking, people are first needed to register their mobile numbers with their respective banks. After the numbers are authenticated, they are loaded into the database in the banks. So, any message sent to these banks immediately reaches the database and the computer system seeks out the relevant information and sends it across to the customers. From a mobile phone of any kind, this facility can be availed.
  • Anywhere, anytime banking is the buzzword behind the promotion of SMS banking in India. This is the primary reason for which people have started using their registered mobile numbers for SMS banking. By doing so, it helps in further exploring the benefits of SMS banking by having lesser footfalls in the banks. Since a number of facilities starting from checking the account balance to the paying of bills, can be carried out, it is lucrative for many people. They can now perform a number of functions through SMS banking, which turn out to be highly beneficial for them.

With the advent of smart phone with internet facilities, people can use both SMS banking and internet banking through this internet connectivity. Such facilities of benefits of SMS banking has given new dimensions to the banking needs of people and in coming years, these systems are being further improved to give further benefits.

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