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SBI Netbanking and Loans Made Your Life Easy

With the advent of internet everything is just a click away. Be it booking a ticket in your favourite theatre, or selecting hotels in your holiday destination, you can do it all in the internet. Similarly SBI has also not stayed far away from the all encompassing influence of internet. Be it your bank account details, or transferring money into someone’s account or updating your passbook, everything can be done in the internet. In fact SBI net banking facilities and provisions for personal loans have made life much easier. SBI probably has the most customer friendly net banking options and also it boasts of being “the reason for the smiles on many faces” because of the easily available home loans and the low interest rates imposed on them.

Known to be a customer friendly home loan provider, SBI is the most preferred home loan provider. The EMI on home loans is incredibly low, with the lowest EMIs of Rs892 for every one lakh, processing charges are low and the loans come with a package of exclusive benefits. One can sit at home and apply for home loans; such is the advanced net banking option of SBI. There are no prepayment penalties.  There are a myriad range of roles that SBI banks offer, be it a career loan, gold loan, personal loan, car loan or an education loan. The other banks sanction education loans for a validated degree course but SBI offers loans for vocational training abroad. SBI has not left out the pensioners from the benefits of loans and has come up with pensioner’s loans as they have to meet their daily expenses and the interest rates for such loans is affordable as well. At present the prevalent rate is 8%, however the applications for a pension loans have to meet some basic criteria like the applicant should not be more than 65 years and the applications should be employees of government.

Most of the customers of SBI are tech savvy and thereby through net banking SBI delivers their latest products and services. People are extremely caught up in their professions, SBI’s net banking saves a lot of time, and it is simple and easy to operate, be it requesting for a cheque book or paying your bills, net banking facilitates it all. One can perform his task anywhere, anytime as SBI net banking option is available 24*7. One can manage his everyday banking needs and get a view of the current balances and transactions history online, it is SBI net banking is accessible globally and a minimal amount of ten rupees is charged every month for net banking.

The education Loan’s Equated Monthly installment of SBI is very low as compared to any other loans issued by the bank. For a loan of four lakhs, the EMI will be calculated at a rate of 3.50% above the base amount. There are many websites that helps you calculate the EMI and also provides the exact date when the EMI has to be paid. SBI has an education loan calculator which allows anyone to get the details of the loan. This calculator is flexible enough to adjust itself in case you require making extra payments along with the scheduled EMI payments for reducing your overall interest burden and reduced your loan term.

SBI through the myriad range of loans has definitely made life a lot easier. People can afford to buy a car, go for an education overseas, get a pension loan or purchase a home more easily-all thanks to SBI. It is truly the people’s bank.

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