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SBI Links Free ATM Usage to Bank Account Balance

While private banks have caught up and are going on full swing with internet banking facilities thereby giving their customers freedom from the need to visit the banks every once in a while, State Bank of India is trying to change their procedures and adapt to the modern trend. The flexibility that has been increased while using the SBI Bank ATMs is one such initiative.

Basically, while the bank had restricted the usage of the ATM with the number of transactions until now, they have tried to draw up a plan correlating the balance of the customers and their ATM usage. For example, the bank authorities have introduced more number of uncharged ATM visits for customers who maintain a balance of nothing less than twenty five thousand rupees. These customers can use their ATM cards any number of times during the month for free of cost.

This initiative has been brought about to make like easier for the bank’s customer as well as to reduce the customers from walking into the banks for transactional activities. Once these customers are reduced, the bank officers can then focus their attention on customers who have to visit their bank for other activities like savings schemes, locker facilities, loan requests etc. They can have a more focused approach then and the SLA is also reduced.

Usage of debit cards at SBI Bank ATMs has also been increased for those customers who do not or have not visited the branch in person in a month. So, if the bank notices that the customer has not approached the bank in person in a particular month, then their free ATM withdrawal count increases and this is a clear indication that the bank is trying hard to slowly bring in the culture of withdrawing money from the ATMs rather than by filling up challans at banks.

This is definitely easier and considering the fact that ATMs have increased all over the country, the customers must realize that they can withdraw money at ease at any given time and do not have to only go during the banking hours. It is also quite comfortable at times of travel where the customers can just take along their debit cards and pull out cash from wherever, without carrying lots of cash around. However, SBI is still restricting the usage of other bank ATMs to a specific number in a month, but we can hope that very soon they will remove this restriction as well.

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