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Safeguarding Online Banking

Over a decade, one of the miracles of technology that overtook all the fields may it be marketing, education, bank or even finance is the Internet. With the increasing usage of internet even the banks have started marketing and offering their services through online mode of communication to the people. This has bid adieu to the age old problems of long waiting lines in the bank and in steps online banking, a virtual environment of your bank. Mini statements, new check requirements, payment of the bills all can be handled easily through online banking.

Things You Need to Do During Online Banking

The increasing application of internet has led to increasing frauds that are now done in these transactions. Hence, the security has gained prime importance particularly when we are handling money through internet banking. To ensure safe and secure banking transactions there are certain things that you need to be aware of for safeguarding online banking.

To start with; ensure the bank you are dealing with is authenticated and genuine. You can personally visit their local branch to ensure about the same. An investigation about the bank also can be done online through the reviews and respective nationalized centers pertaining to banking information. This would help you gain details about bank’s establishment and other information. Most of the nationalized banking information centers have toll free numbers where you can talk to customer care that would give you the required details.

Nowadays fake websites or websites that mimic reputed banks are on rise. Beware of such sites. When you register to a bank, you would receive their authentic site link as well. Make sure you always open the genuine link as a general authorization involves your credentials and personal details and let the user ID, PIN number and password never-ever be compromised.

Another thing you need to do is protect your personal details. The frauds would try to get to know your details like bank information, credit card details. In case of slightest doubts you can get in touch with bank officers directly to confirm about the actual information required. Frequently change your passwords to ensure the same

The safeguarded banking site would have measures like encryption mode. The entered sensitive data would be coded as a result your original personal data would be hidden. Most of the banks make use of highly designed encryption algorithms to encrypt your data.  The bank also provides initial identification number called as PIN which can later be modified if the customer wishes to. The PIN should be changed regularly just to ensure safety. Generally the PIN should be not an easy guess like birth date or phone number or any publically known information about you. As a caution your password should use a combination of verbal, string and number characters that would be difficult for others to guess. As a customer you should be aware of the online crimes over the internet and strictly do not share any of your personal and bank details to unknown people or register your banking details with unknown sites. Always use online banking over your own personal desktop and laptops. Avoid using online banking at public cyber café centers or any unknown computers. Update your own laptops with latest antivirus to thwart viral attacks and worms that would steal information from your mails and directories, Safeguard your hard earned money by safeguarding online banking.

Considering all the above mentioned tips enjoy safe online banking at your finger tips!!

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