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Reliance Education Plan New Child Insurance Plan from Reliance

The life is full of uncertainties and it is imperative that parents worry about financial freedom while planning the future of their child. To address this Reliance Insurance has launched a path breaking Reliance Education Plan which relieves the parents of the finance related worries to achieve the dreams of their children.

The salient features of Insurance Plans for Children are:

  • Parents can choose to either pay regular premium or pay in fixed period of 5, 7 and 10 years
  • The payout option can be chosen to avail lump-sum at a fixed period or match the payout at degree or post graduation or any education level of the child
  • One can also choose to protect child’s future in case of unforeseen death of parent or any similar eventualities.
  • Loan facility is also available to meet unforeseen expenditure.
  • The premium payments are eligible for income tax benefits under applicable laws.

The concept of Reliance Education Plan is based on the fact that parents have to let their children choose their destiny without worrying about the funds required to achieve the same. Since many options are available, the insurance agent can be contacted to advise the best possible Insurance Plans for Children to secure child’s future.

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