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Reflect Your Personality With A Customised Debit Card

A debit card is basically a plastic payment card issued by a bank. It facilitates the holder of the debit card to have an electronic access to various activities of his or her account. The card can be used at any ATM (Automated Teller Machine) center for withdrawal of money.

Some of the points that highlight the importance of debit card:

(1)    Withdrawal of cash from any of the ATM centers.

(2     Transfer of funds to other accounts

(3)    Changing of debit card PIN numbers frequently for security of the card.

(4)    Mini statement showing last 10 transactions

(5)    Donations of money to charitable institutions

(6)    Prepaid mobile recharge

(7)    Payment of bills of utility services

(8)    Purchases at merchandise outlets

(9)     Facility to deposit cash.

The use of debit cards has become a boon for both the customers and the bank employees. There was a time when for every financial transactions and requirements people had to visit the bank and struggle by standing in the long queues and waste a considerable amount of time. The commencement of debit card service has made the life very easy and there are only few instances when one has to visit the bank for financial transaction.Debit cards offer freedom, simplicity, and an excellent way to live a dignified life without driving up debt.

Some of the important tips for the protection of yourpersonalized debit card against fraudulent activities:

Memorize your PIN: Do not share your PIN with anyone. Try to memorize it and do not write it anywhere on the card or card holding covers. The card may fall into wrong hands and there are chances that it may be misused.

Check statements frequently: Keep a track of your transaction and statements to ensure that you are sure that you are alone using the card.

Block the card when stolen: Immediately report the incident of card loss to the customer care and get your card blocked. This would ensure that the card is not misused.

Feed PIN yourself: Whenever you carry out purchases using debit card you will be required to insert the PIN. Do not tell the PIN to the billing person. Make it a habit to do it yourself.

Personalized Debit cards:

Many banks are now open to the ideas of personalized debit card and are issuing them. This is already in vogue with many of the international banks and the idea is catching up in India. There are few simple steps for designing your own personalized debit cards:

  • Upload a picture which makes you utmost happy
  • The bank would check the picture for image guidelines and requirements
  • A new card would be designed against your existing account

So enjoy the power of debit cards with a personalized look.

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