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Plan Your Life After Retirement With HSBC Retirement Plans

HSBC is one of the leading retail banks in the international banking sector and is making fast advances in terms of its clientele and also in terms of its business. Apart from the many services that HSBC is famous for, the carefully crafted HSBC Retirement Plans have managed to catch the attention of many. The HSBC retirement insurance offers several options for you to secure your future.

Future Smart Plan

Canara, HSBC, Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance offers the ‘Future Smart Plan’ which is an insurance endowment plan, an opportunity for a long time investment which helps you in strengthening the future of your child. The policy covers you for death and disability and helps in times of distress and emergency. The policy also has a scope for customization which allows you to actually change the premium policies and the returns as according to your own needs and wants for example, marriages or needs for higher education. There are also certain features like the Safety Switch Option and Auto Funds Rebalancing which systematically help in managing one’s funds without actually hampering the future needs of the child.

Grow Smart Plan

The Grow Smart Plan presents an entire life component linked insurance policy which provides the elasticity of choice between one’s investments and facilitating protection to the policy holder’s family for the entire life ahead.  Under this, the premium amounts are to be paid for a total of 10 years. If the beneficiary dies, the insurance policy and benefits shall remain. The plan not only has the capacity to insure the life but also has the power of investment. This is turn provides one with the chance to procure potential returns from the market without compromising on the security.

Insure Smart Plan

The Insure Smart Plan is a unique unit linked to insurance endowment policy which enables the users to generate monetary benefits through systematically investing in a mixture of equity and debt alongside providing cover for life. The Insurance Policy provides one with the liberty to invest in the 5 mentioned investment options. This unit linked policy of insurance helps the policy holder to save for their particular repository dreams meanwhile providing them with the flexibility of paying premium for a total of five years and reaping a cover of life for duration of 10 years.

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