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OBC Net Banking for Easy Transactions

Oriental Bank of Commerce is a Public sector banking organisation, offering banking services to all starting with a family man having a basic savings bank account to large corporates to have their fund management process through the bank. The current advantage with banks being net banking, OBC net banking too gives comprehensive facilities for banking operations in an easy and convenient manner. With the minimum amount of paper work while opening the account, rest of the bank operations can be done online, with a login password and a transaction password, which enjoy security to the best possible extent.

OBC Savings Bank Account

OBC savings bank account can be opened with a minimum remittance of Rs 1000 providing papers for identity proof and address proof from the prescribed sources and with the formal introduction from an existing account holder. The customer opening the OBC savings bank account can also make an application for OBC net banking, which will be processed spontaneously, while the passwords will be dispatched from the computer centre, which are generated randomly by the machine. The important part of the process is that even the bank personnel or the processing persons would not know these passwords. In fact while one starts OBC net banking operations with the use of an User ID which one would have provided in the application, and the password mailed to one, the first thing that the system does is to prompt one to change one’s password. The individual can choose to register a password which can be easily remembered by one.

OBC Debit Card

OBC also provides a debit card which serves also as the ATM card. These ATM cards can be used in any of the millions of Automatic Telling Machine booths established throughout the country. The ATM usage can be through a PIN which will be of four numerical digits. This PIN is provided by the bank’s computer centre like how they send the Internet banking passwords, and then giving scope for the individual to change according to one’s choice.

OBC Internet Banking

It is a good practice to opt for obc netbanking facility, although the present usage of cheques and operating bank accounts through the bank counters manually will still be possible. However, considering the large number of customers waiting in queues and the time taken for processing the transactions, OBC net banking is the best choice, which enables one to do bank transactions in a jiffy.  All public service organisations and booking of travel services having scope for online remittances through net banking, a prudent bank customer always goes for OBC netbanking option.

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