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Now Send Money to Your Friends Using Facebook Messenger

Till now Facebook Messenger was used by you for chatting with pals? But did anyone even think that this application can now be employed for fund transfer too? This social networking site finally launched its new functionality - Funds Transfer through Facebook Messenger.

Messenger’s tool allows one to send money to friends who paid for your lunch when you forget the same at home or from whom you borrowed while shopping since you fell short of it etc. all you need to do is click the “$” icon, input the amount and hit the tab “pay”. The amount will be transferred right there, but it might take some days to reflect in the bank account of the recipient. This feature is similar to regular deposits which we make in our daily lives.

The exchange is backed by debit or credit card which you need to link to your FB messenger account before transferring or receiving money for 1st time. Soon when you link your card to this account, you would be given a chance to make a PIN which you would have to enter every time you want to send money to friends.

The “Funds Transfer through Facebook Messenger” is all set to be rolled out soon in US for start and will be compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

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