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Make Your Banking Experience Quick Efficient, Secure And Easy By Using The HSBC Phone Banking Facility


Time immemorial, banking operations were done over counter transactions in a particular branch of a Bank in which an account holder had opened one’s account. After the advent of Information technology and Net connectivity scope, Banks rose up to the occasion by bringing net-banking facility to every customer, whether corporate or retail account holder. As the day advances and technology getting sharper and sharper every minute, banking operations are now possible by using one’s mobile phone with utmost security and the facility of all the bank operations.

HSBC bank has always stood to the occasion and in phone banking it provides its customers the best of phone banking operations possible.

HSBC Phone Banking

HSBC Phone banking facility operates 24 x 7 bases through which customer of the bank can interact with the bank through voice calls for managing one’s bank account.

HSBC offers phone banking services to Resident Customers, NRI Customers and also for those operating HSBC Premier accounts, the interactive process almost remaining the same for all, each one requiring the caller to choose the language for transacting, between Hindi and English and providing the PIN to establish authenticity.

There are four specific areas of transactions, which include HSBC Credit Card Services, HSBC Bank Account Services, Reporting of loss of Card and Applying for other services of the Bank.

While HSBC Credit Card services would enable one to know the account balances and advice fund transfers for settlement of bills, the HSBC Bank Account Services offers variety of services, which cover all the banking operations.

HSBC Bank Account Services

The first option in these services relates to Account Balances and Recent Transactions, which gets one the information on these, apart from registering one’s choice for Mobile alerts. The second option enables one for doing payments and transfers of all categories and the other options enabling the caller to avail services relating to Time Deposit operations, Change of PIN, Reporting of Stolen Cards and miscellaneous request like cheque book requisitioning etc.

HSBC Phone banking registration

The HSBC account holders and Credit Card holders in nominated cities are given the facility of registration to HSBC phone banking facility and they avail this facility by using a PIN supplied by the bank. The account holder also subscribes to a few indemnifying obligations under the terms and conditions which one does at the time of signing up for this facility.

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