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Make Payments Hassle Free with ICICI Bank Internet Banking

Taking off from work to go to the bank, standing in long queues at the bank, waiting without end at the counters to get your transactions closed are all a thing of the past now. With ICICI Bank Internet Banking, get things done when you want them and from where you want to do them. Whether you want to transfer money between your own accounts, or if you want to transfer money from your account to friends and others, or if it is about paying up your bills, you can accomplish all of them right from the comfort of your home.

ICICI Bank online payment is a big help at all times, but especially when the deadline is almost there or when you are in a position to not leave your office or home to go to the bank. While the transaction is instantaneous, the due is also not missed and the record is online for the bank as well as the individual, so they use it to their advantage when needed.                   

ICICI Bank Internet Banking can also be very helpful when you are travelling or are out of town but have to make payments. In case you need to help your friends with immediate cash, but are not in a position to meet them and hand it over, you can help them tide over their worries by transferring online and this can be possible only via the internet site.

You might have forgotten your credit card or bill payment deadlines because of your hectic schedules and but for your online payments, you may not be able to do these transfers. There are some particular services like your TV recharges, where you can use your ICICI Bank online Payment for the service to restart instantaneously. That is just not possible if you have to walk in to your bank to get these transactions done.

As far as internet banking is concerned, it is one service that just does not sleep. There are no off days and there is no off banking hours if you operate your ICICI bank internet banking services. Whether it is weekends or public holidays you can make and receive payments using this service and this is one of the biggest advantages of using the internet. You can add a list of beneficiaries and transfer funds into their accounts instantaneously. The beneficiaries can either be ICICI bank accounts or other bank accounts and this is another advantage.

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