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Make Online Trading in Stock Market With Canara Bank

Not only does it amount to be an achievement, but the facilities provided by Canara Bank online trading is catching attention from many investors. Very few nationalised banks have their stock trading platforms and Canara Bank is one of the firsts in India to have started such a feature. The most important thing of this facility is that investors in stock market can now get a reliable, transparent and easy platform from where they can invest safely and smartly to get good returns.

  • Giving customers a unique platform for trading stocks

In 2008, Canara Bank launched its online platform for stock trading, for old account holders as well as for new customers, who aimed at putting some money into the stock market. For this purpose, it launched the website of and this was done through the platform of Gilt Securities Trading Corporation Ltd or GSTCL. In later years, GSTCL was renamed as Canara Bank Securities Ltd or CBSL.

  • 3-in-1 account for quick access

In order to avail the Canara Bank online trading facilities, customers need to open a 3-in-1 account in any of the CBS Canara banks across the country. This account involves a savings bank account, demat account with Canara Bank and trading account with CBSL. With the integration of these three accounts, one can have hassle free and seamless trading in the stock markets in India.

  • Plenty of facilities and products under trading accounts

Specifically for trading account, there are a number of facilities provided to the customers, so that they can execute their orders in shares, as well as futures and options from their personal computers. Besides, there are facilities of instant order confirmation, online monitoring of various orders, executing buy and sell and ability to be updated with recent research and market status for effective trading information. Many customers are taking up accounts for Canara Bank online trading because there is no involvement of cheques or cash deposits, as every transaction can be executed directly on the online platform.

Under Canara Bank online trading profile, there are a number of products for the customers, thereby giving them enough choices for going about their transactions. Some of these facilities are Cash-N-Carry, Intra Day Trading, Buy in Today and Sell out Tomorrow, futures, options and online trading links for non-individuals also.

  • Minimal paper works for identity establishment

Another important aspect of trading accounts with Canara Bank is that it doesn’t require much paper work, except for certain documents to establish the identity of an individual or organisation and personal verification to get the demat accounts. These accounts are also made easier for being opened by the customer care executives of the bank, who provide every bit of detail regarding these accounts.

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