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IndusInd Bank Provides More Flexibility to its Customers with Video Calling Facility

Speed, effective and security are three major aspects which cannot be compromised while making a financial transaction. Keeping pace with the requirements of current generation which is hard pressed for time to visit Bank branches and find comfort in transacting using the digital media, the IndusInd Bank has come up with innovative solution. Given the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, there cannot be an edge in basic transacting modalities of banking in India. The presence of banks at all touch points like internet, mobile and brick/ mortar branches is equally important. The new channel of providing video calling branches is first of its kind and is launched on experiential basis. Given the growth opportunities in digital space in the backdrop of e-commerce, video calling facility is launched by IndusInd Bank.

Using an android phone with version 2.3 and above or apple devices with iOS 6 and above can now transact using the IndusInd Bank Video Calling facility. The services include opening of accounts, opening of term deposits, money transfer through NEFT/ RTGS and many more.

This facility comes in the wake of private banks vying to keep abreast of technological innovation coming out of responses from the customers. This is termed as responsive innovation by the bank, which is the driving force for enhancing the brand image of Bank since 2008. The unique facility is more convenient to the working class of youngsters who prefer to be digital all the time. It also keeps the transactions secure. Since the relationship manager is always available to address issues during the video calling, the customers are ensured of effective resolution of their issues. The security of financial data at Video Branch of IndusInd Bank is achieved by using a secured platform which has multiple level of checking the authenticity of the customer using the facility. The young progressive generation of customers is the targeted lot for the uniquely launched IndusInd Bank Video Calling facility.

This is a 24 hour service form Bank which can be accessed by downloading the application on the smartphone and connect with the Bank from anywhere in the world. The Video Branch of IndusInd Bank at Gurgaon Metro station is yet another innovation which facilitates connecting to a remote teller for transacting with Bank. The real time video branch machine connects the user to their bank account to avail banking and non-banking transactions like cash dispensation, deposits, funds transfer, printing of statements and a host of other services.

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