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Indian Bank Global Classic Card A Credit Card With Extra Benefits

What is the Global Classic Card?

The Global Classic card is a credit card launched by one of the oldest and most reputed nationalised banks in the country – Indian Bank. This card can be used abroad as well and comes along with the insurance covers on healthcare and baggage loss due to theft or delay. The Indian Bank Global Classic Card was launched a few years back and has seen many takers ever since, due to the reasonable interest rates and extended benefits that are offered by the bank

Who can opt for the Global Classic Card?

The Indian Bank credit card division has introduced many credit cards in the country. However, the Global Classic Card is one of the most fast-moving among them because of the benefits that the cards carry. If you want to apply for an Indian Bank Global Classic Card you should mandatorily have a minimum net monthly income of 8000 INR (after all your loan deductions, tax etc).

Features of the card

The Global Classic Card comes with a credit limit of anywhere between 25000 INR and 75000 INR. There are around 30 million VISA merchant organisations in the world that recognise the Global Classic card. There are also close to 150,000 organisations in India, where this card can be used. If you are holding this card, then you do not have to worry in case of financial emergencies. You can withdraw up to 40% of your credit limit in any ATM. Cash withdrawals are subjected to a very nominal rate of interest in these cards. However, the maximum cash advance one can take is 30,000 INR.

These cards launched by the Indian Bank credit card department do not charge any amount as joining charges, yearly charges, charges for add-on card etc. Card holders can enjoy an interest free period of 45 days from the date of purchase, post which, very nominal interest rates are applied. This card also comes with an interesting cash offer. You will be credited with 0.50 points for every 100 INR that you spend. As you keep purchasing, your points will naturally get accumulated. Once your kitty reaches 500 points, you have lots of reasons to smile, as you will be credited with cash equivalent of this into your account. Apart from these, a bevy of insurance coverage policies accompany your global classic card like death on account of air accident or other accidents, hospitalisation charges, loss or theft due to baggage etc. There is a 24/7 helpline number available, which you can reach you to anytime during the day for any issues, queries or complaints.

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