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ICICI Banks offers Instant Personal Loans at Attractive Interest Rates

For fulfilling requirements of shortcoming of money values, amounting to a few lakhs or thousands of rupees, people will obviously eye different banks. When money is not being loaned for purchase of vehicles or houses, then these cannot be included in the category of car loans or home loans. Besides these kinds of loans, there are some other loan offers by various banks. Among the private banks also, such offers are available for people. ICICI Bank, which is the largest networked private bank in India, also offers such loans, where applicants can get personal loans. Personal loans is the name provided to these kinds of loans, which are not of huge denominations, but are also not included under housing or car loans.

  • Need of personal loans emerging among people

From time to time, many people are in need of a certain sum of money for different purposes. These can range from renovation of houses to purchase of important articles like electronic goods. Some people also require money for marriages of their kiths and kins. Personal loan by ICICI Bank can be availed for education of the child or even for emergency expenses. Since these kinds of ICICI Bank loans can be availed quickly at short notice, they come in handy for such unexpected and short term expenses.

These days, ICICI Bank policies have made it extremely easier and convenient for people to avail such loans. The foremost reason for so many people opting for personal loan by ICICI Bank is the quick payment of the loan amount, usually within 3 working days. Apart from the quick payment, the ICICI Bank loan interest rates are quite flexible and competitive, in comparison to other private banks. Many of the public sector banks are not finding it lucrative to give out the personal loans. For this reason, personal loans by ICICI Bank have become a good scheme of things for people in need of finances.

  • Steps to be followed to avail the loans

Personal loans can be applied in ICICI banks through the online modes. This is a very convenient process, which will allow the applicants to get the amount within 3 days. After submitting the online application, a service representative from the personal loan division will get in touch with the applicant. Details about the ICICI Bank loan interest rate would be explained, along with checking of various documents necessary to process the loan amount.

Presently, with minimum documentation and least interval of time, customers can avail the ICICI Bank loan interest rate at very low, up to the extent of Rs 15 lakhs.

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