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How to Get Income Tax Return Quickly

Generally people curse the Income Tax Department for not refunding their tax amount on time. However it is important for them to know where the fault lies –

It has been strictly observed that in most of the cases, the main mistake is on the part of the individual taxpayer who cases delay in processing the Income Tax Return and eventually its refund. Let us learn some measures which one must consider to receive the ITR on time

  • Submit your Income Tax Return on Time – Individuals that file their IT on time are entitled to get their Refunds on time since the processing happens quickly. This helps the IT department to release their refund amount directly to individual bank account.

  • File the ITR online – Rather than standing in long queues and waiting for your turn to come for ITR it is best to file it online. Effective from June 2015, IT Department has made it compulsory for all to submit the ITR online. You can also Check Status of Income Tax online.

  • Cross check the Tax Deductable at Source paid mentioned in your Form 16 along with form 26AS – Individuals must check the details of Form 16 and 26AS as final for paying credits to tax payers at times of ITR processing. This will help reassure that the amount of Form 16 matches with figure in form 26AS. It helps in smooth flow of ITR.

  • Pick precise ITR form for filing ITR – It is mandatory to pick the right ITR form since the incorrect form makes IT department handicap in refunding your ITR. The right form will help process ITR faster and quicker.

  • Mention correct TAN no. of the TDS deductor – Always mention the precise TAN no. of your deductor in ITR as it is very important, else you will end losing good amount of your tax credit besides deprive you of ITR.

Besides the above mentioned measures, you must always mention correct bank account details and send the form to CPC Bangalore within 120 days of your e-filing the ITR form. To know more you can Check Status of Income Tax.

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