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How to Claim Your TDS Refund

Every year, the TDS (Tax deducted at source) that is processed by your organisation, will be deposited with the Income Tax Department, on your behalf. Before doing this, your organisation would thoroughly calculate your income and investments for the financial year and weigh them against your taxability limits. If you fall within the range of tax-free limit, no TDS will be done. However, if your income falls in the taxable limit, TDS will be done at the rates that are fixed by the IT department. In certain cases, there are instances where your organisation could deduct more taxes than what you actually have to pay. In those cases, you can apply for TDS refund.

You can apply for TDS refund by physically visiting your nearest IT office and submitting the TDS return form with all documentation and details, to your assessment officer. Once physical submission is done, TDS refund online status is available for tax payers to easily check and track as to how their refund is progressing. is the link that you need to visit for viewing your TDS refund online.

You have to enter your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and the Assessment Year for which you want to review your refunds. Once you choose the same, it will direct you to the next page, which gives details as to which stage your tax refunds are in. Now, the IT department is doing all what it can to ensure that tax payers are entitled to refunds within 4 months of apply for the same. Earlier, this process took almost a year and repeated follow ups, letters etc. from the tax payer to the assessment officer and senior authorities to get a refund that a tax-payer was duly eligible for. Now, technology and efficient personnel are being put into the process, due to which refunds will be processed quicker.

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