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How to Choose Low Cost Health Insurance Policy

The very first thing is to find out “How to choose Health Insurance” for oneself. Among these questions first question arises is whether to have a short-term or long-term coverage plan. The answer to this is if one does not has group health policy through the employer then opt for long term coverage.  The difference between two is if that Short-Term plans does not facilitate the pre-existing conditions. The next question that arises is whether to have basic or comprehensive kind of coverage. Basic plans offer less help than the comprehensive plans since in basic plans the insurer has to pay most of the health cost incurred in a particular year while the comprehensive plans offers a wide range of coverage. One should confirm in advance that the hospital or the doctor they are consulting is covered in the insurance plan or not. The other important question that should be answered by the insurance policy is whether it covers the type of services that one is looking while opting for the health plan. One can beforehand make it clear whether the service they are looking is in the plan they have opted for.

The next important point to be considered while one thinks “How to choose Health Insurance” is whether the entire family plan should be opted or only an individual is covered in the plan. The plan opted covers the pre-existing medical conditions or not. One should declare the existing medical ailments while they are taking any new medical plan. Few of the insurance company’s does not offer the insurance on these existing medical conditions for few months even after opting the policy on a particular date. The other question that comes to mind while opting the Insurance policy is that whether it covers the option of drug prescriptions since most of the drug prescriptions are not covered in plans. The health insurance company’s reputation should also be kept in mind while looking for the policy from any particular company. The duration for which the company has been running the insurance business should also be considered. The rating of the insurance company among the various insurance companies is another point of consideration. The customer service provided to the insurers who have opted for the insurance can also be considered while looking for insurance.

So the major point of consideration for insurance plan is type of coverage, cost, hospitals and drug approvals in the plan.

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