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HDFC ERGO Health Policy Cashless Claims Across India

Hospitalization and medication plays a very vital role while ensuring family’s health. Rising cost of medical treatment and soaring prices of medicines are more than enough to end the savings. When anyone from the family gets hospitalized, everybody focuses on the recovery of the health without giving importance to money. Health insurance serves as a measure of protection for saving the finances in case if any member gets hospitalized. HDFC ERGO health policy provides such a comprehensive plan for health insurance that fits well in the budget of every individual.

The plan of health suraksha from HDFC ERGO gives a cover for the cost of in-patient treatment, post-hospitalization and pre-hospitalization expenses etc. With the health insurance plan, an individual gets assured of no such limits on the rents of the room in hospitals, doctor fees, diseases and hospital charges. There are certain features of HDFC ERGO health policy plan that are discussed as below:

  • Optimized insurance plans of health at reasonable rates.
  • Option in order to choose family floater or individual health insurance.
  • Choosing a health insurance plan from a 2 year policy or an annual policy.
  • Receive a cumulative bonus on the completion of claimless year.
  • Get the reimbursements of the expenses of health check-up on 4 claimless years’ completion.
  • A network of 4800 and more hospitals to choose from in order to avail the cashless services.
  • Get income tax benefits under section 80D.
  • Enjoy the claim procedures hassle free with least settlement and documentation times.
  • No sub-limits required on hospital expenses, room rents, doctor fees, specific diseases and many more.

With the rising cost of health check-ups and treatments, it has become very difficult to get the best treatment from the best hospital. It is very difficult for the member of the family to arrange finance in case when the treatment cost is very huge. But HDFC ERGO provides the best health treatment and insurance plan for every individual to provide best treatment under expert doctors at reasonable price. So just safeguard the family with the cover of health insurance and concentrate peacefully on the health recovery.

HDFC ERGO ensures that the hard savings of an individual are used for much better reasons rather than medical purposes. It covers hospitalization concerns of sickness or accident and also the post and pre hospitalization expenses, domiciliary treatment, day care procedures and many more by ensuring that the policy is always there to help.

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