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Get Exciting Shopping Offers with IDBI Debit Card


Bank transactions are now highly digitalised with benefits of one having an account with a bank with many options to use banking services. Another important feature of ATMs nowadays is that transaction with any bank can be done through any ATM, with the exception of a few features like changing PIN etc can be done only by the ATM installed by a particular bank.

ATM cards are actually the Debit cards of a bank, identified by a specific number of 16 digits which is not the account number with a CVV linked to it. It is almost the same as using a Credit Card, for doing shopping when funds are available in one’s account.

IDBI debit card features are almost the same as any other bank debit cards, while there are more frills attached to them as the Bank is progressing with versatile finance activities.

Different types of IDBI Cards

IDBI bank debit cards are linked with both VISA and Master Card establishments and they are issued in three primary categories, namely, Classic, Gold and Platinum types, each having specific features and different loyalty points which are extended as one uses the Debit Cards for merchandising. These loyalty points can be exchanged for specific benefits, such as discounts on purchases etc, as they get into a significant size of utility.

  1. The Classic Cards are basicallyVisa Classic International and MasterCard International Classic, while there are few other varieties like Being Me, KIDS, Women’s and Magic Card
  2. Gold Cards includeVisa Gold Debit Card and  MasterCard Gold Debit Card
  3. The Platinum card variety confines to Visa Platinum Debit Card

IDBI debit Card benefits

IDBI debit card shopping can be done internationally because they are having validity throughout the Globe. These cards enjoy further benefits such as

  1. Merchant establishments discounts extended on purchases
  2. Insurance cover upto one Lakh rupees against loss or frauds upon card usage
  3. Loyalty points, which are now extended even for using the debit card for mutual fund investments, Tax payments, Insurance Premium payments etc

The daily limit for use of cards has been raised recently upto Rs 25,000 and the Debit Cards are very convenient for doing online transactions and easy tracking options.

An account holder can obtain IDBI debit card just by completing a form, alternatively calling their Call Centre number at 1800-22-1070 or 1800-200-1947. Equally one can write to their customer [email protected]

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