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Get Axis Bank Prepaid Travel Card Before Travelling Abroad

When you intend travelling abroad, the first thing that you would like to do is get an Axis bank travel card that will help you travel at ease.  First of all the places you may be visiting might be new and you might not be aware of the safety norms there.  So, this is going to be so much better than travelling around with a lot of cash in your purse.  The locals will know you are a traveler and you could be easy target for miscreants, so it is better to be safe than sorry, so that is why carrying this prepaid travel card becomes important.

Whether you are travelling on business or on work, you can get this Axis bank travel card.  The process is not at all cumbersome and will just require you walking straight into an Axis branch that is closest to your homes.  The customer support staff there will help you to fill the relevant forms and once you are done, you will actually be able to walk home with your Axis bank travel card.  The prepaid travel card will also be loaded with the money that you feel you need to carry. So, you can use this at your convenience.

In case of travelling with the Axis bank travel card, you can just swipe it for any expenses just like you would use any of your credit or debit cards and the process is just the same.  As long as the merchant accepts Master / Visa cards, you can use this to make your purchases just simply like any other card.  This prepaid travel card is more like a debit card as the money is already loaded unlike a credit card where you pay up after the purchase.

With the Axis bank travel card you are not just stuck to make only transactions.  There could be instances when you would like to use it to withdraw cash like an ATM card as well.  The biggest advantage is that when you use it at ATMs you can pull out cash in the local currency.  So, this way this is an easier way to get local currency and you can choose to use this without being in doubt.  So the prepaid travel card is a boon for most travelers as they can just be carrying this one card without any worry or tension of loss of the same.

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