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Get Assured for Your Two Wheeler Today With Bharti Axa Insurance Loans

Features of Motor (Two-Wheeler) Insurance from Bharti AXA

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Loan comes with an interesting insurance package as well. Now you can be assured that the bike that you have acquired with lots of effort is fully protected against loss due to theft or damage due to accidents. There are around 2000 garages covered in the network list operated by Bharti AXA. The company currently offers two attractive insurance policies for your motorbikes. One is known as the Basic Cover and the other is the Basic Cover in addition to coverage due to accidents suffered by passengers riding on the motorbikes.

Basic cover is the one that gives full coverage to your bike when it is lost, or when it suffers severe damages due to fire or any other form of accident. Liability suffered by a Third Party is also covered under this motor insurance policy. If a third person suffers any injury or his vehicle suffers any damage due to your vehicle, then your insurance will take care of these claims. The driver of the vehicle is given coverage for personal accident suffered by him. Compensation to the tune of 1 lakh INR is given when the driver of a vehicle suffers a fatal accident or life-long physical disability that he might face in the event of accidents occurred while riding the two-wheeler.

When the basic cover is accompanied with a personal accident cover for the passengers as well, it will include all the benefits mentioned in the above policy and compensation to the tune of 1 lakh INR given to the passengers of a vehicle when they are involved in fatal accidents of accidents that result in their life-long physical disability.

What is included and what is not?

The Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Loan-cum-Insurance covers the loss or damage to vehicles, coverage for personal accidents to the owner or driver of the vehicle, coverage for third party liability in case of physical injuries suffered by them and coverage for damage caused to property of other people. It does not include the usual repairs of the vehicle caused due to longevity, loss coming out of the vehicle’s depreciation, loss due to wiring and other related issues, damages occurred when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, damage to the vehicle caused by drivers who don’t have a proper license, damage to vehicles arising out of nuclear problems and damage to vehicles when it is used in a state where none of the restrictions are followed.

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