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Funding Studying in Abroad

The first question that comes to the mind of most students when considering abroad study is how to manage the cost of education. There are different kinds of expenditure while studying abroad. Apart from the cost of education, one has to pay for accommodation and food for instance. Also, there is the cost of traveling from one country to another. However, despite these several levels of cost, you may be surprised to know that studying abroad may cost you less that studying within the country. Many universities in abroad provide scholarships especially for foreign students. If you are lucky to have your application granted as an exchange student in abroad, then you can actually save a lot of money in education. Besides, many companies also offer loans specifically for students looking for funding studies in abroad. You should be in the lookout for such facilities while you are planning to fund your studies in abroad. Presented in this article, are various aspects of how to plan your studies in abroad.

Conduct Country Specific Research

The foreign student admission rules vary from one country to another. In fact, they can vary from one university to another. Therefore, firstly, you should be sure about the field of education that you want to pursue. There are many courses that are best taught in abroad. For example, Germany is particularly known for offering expertise in technical education. Russia is known for studying fine arts and performing arts like theater and drama. So, you should first prepare a roadmap about the country where you want to study. Once you have found out your destination, have a look at the various universities in that country offering you the type of education you are looking for. Different universities have different policies for admission of foreign students. Some universities also offer exchange programs and it makes sense to apply for such programs. You have to check out the scholarship options available and other facilities for studying abroad.

General Scholarships info for Studying Abroad

There are various available scholarships for funding studies in abroad. Some of these scholarships are in high demand while some others are underutilized by students. The different types of available scholarships for studying abroad are as following.

  1. Student specific scholarships: Many scholarships are based on student specific factors like race, gender, family, religion, medical history and other such factors. Have a look at the various parameters on which you can base your studies in abroad. If you are lucky, you may just find the scholarship tailored for your situation.
  2. Merit based scholarship: If you are able to show extraordinary merit in various categories like academic, athletic, artistic or other fields, you may find the foreign universities readily accepting you on the basis of merit. 
  3. Destination specific scholarship: This scholarship varies from one country to another. Many countries provide scholarships to encourage students to come and study there.
  4. Program specific scholarship: These scholarships depend on the study program that you are applying for.

Subject specific scholarships: These scholarships vary from one subject to another. Check out the various subjects offered by foreign universities to determine whether you are eligible for scholarship in that particular subject.

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