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Fulfil Your Dreams of Car with ICICI Car Loans

Owning a car is everybody’s dream and one best way to convert this to reality is to make use of the ICICI car loans features and buy a car. The process is very simple and the customer care executives of the bank are very friendly and supportive that they go all out to ensure that the users get the loan needed for a specified amount. The ICICI car loan schemes are also laid out in such a way that it helps the customers to easily choose this amidst the other options that they are presented with.

The applicants can just log in to the ICICI website and give in their details like email id and mobile number. There will be some other details that are asked, like the residential area of the customer and the salary details. These are the fundamental checks performed by the bank and once the customer clears the first level, the representatives of the bank themselves call the customers and reach out to explain the ICICI car loan schemes that are being offered.

The bank requires some documents to process the loan and the representatives come and meet the consumers in person. After briefing them on the ICICI car loans features collect the papers and start the loan process. Some of the salient features of the ICICI car loan include quick processing, simple rules, and competitive rates and transparent rules pertaining to the loan issuance. There are no hidden fees that are calculated and no last minute surprises for the customers when they go with ICICI loans and what is said is what is offered to the customer. The tenure of the loan can be chosen according to the customer requirement, but the bank reserves the final right on the decision on the term of the loan.  Sometimes the bank increases the loan term just to ensure the loan amount that is requested by the customer. For example, in case the customer needs about 5 lakhs with a term of 4 years, due to eligibility and salary limit conditions they can choose to sanction the Rs. 5 lakhs, but will extend the term to about 5 or 7 years so that the EMI comes down and they meet the eligibility. The bank also allows the customer to close the car loans before the term by paying a very small amount of money called the pre-closure amount which is a percentage of the outstanding that is being paid.

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