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Fixed Deposits Safe and Secure Investments

Fixed deposits are certainly kind of money deposited in any financial institution or bank for a specified time period at certain interest rate. The best part is that this deposited money cannot be withdrawn before its maturity date, hence in a way saving your money. The fixed deposits are considered to be a safe investment as compared to company bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.

Your investment portfolio must comprise of precise mix of risky, moderate, and safe investments. Though the stocks and mutual funds are considered to be favorite investment option, the benefits of fixed deposits cannot be ignored as they are one of the safest investment options for longer time period. With fixed deposit, an individual can invest the amount for a fixed duration while the banks provide a fixed rate of interest all depending on the amount and tenure of deposit.

Benefits Of Fixed Deposit

  1. Saves Tax – As per the directives of department of income tax, it is stated that investment in fixed deposit to a certain amount for five years is eligible for tax deduction. Hence forth individual save on tax and yield higher return on the amount invested.
  2. Regular Income – The fixed deposits enable an individual earning fixed interest rate for the whole tenure, which is generally compounded 1/4th of the year. So all those individuals who desire an income on regular basis must invest in this fixed deposit and take advantage of the interest rate. This has made fixed deposit a very alluring option besides a popular way of investing one’s money.
  3. Safety – There are number of financial institutions and reputed banks which are regulated by SEBI. Hence your money deposited in such institutions as fixed deposits is one of the safest and sound ways of investing your money.

Anyone who desires to keep aside certain amount of money for safe future must go and deposit his money in these fixed income securities. The earning members of the family can make benefit through these fixed deposits. So it is advised to invest your money in fixed deposit scheme and comfortably relax as you know that your investments are in safe and secure hands.

It is owing to all these advantages and benefits that fixed deposits are considered to be an ideal investment option by individuals which are safe and sound. Undoubtedly, this investment option allures the people who are less risk averse.

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