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Features and Benefits of HDFC Bank Platinum Debit Cards

HDFC bank offers a range of facilities as part of its Platinum debit card features for its card holders.  These offers are aimed at primarily making life easier for their customers and instilling them a good feeling while they use their hard earned money to spend on the merchandise of their choice. Since they are using their money and the bank wants to reward its customers for the trust and relationship, they have maintained with the bank, they offer these benefits of platinum debit card to their customers and to increase their own customer base as well.

Life is very dynamic and most of the youngsters today are well employed in the IT sectors and earning good amounts of money. However, their focus is in purchasing high end phones and electrical devices that they forget more important things like savings and life insurance covers. Just for such next generation of customers, HDFC offers life insurance cover to a maximum limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs as part of the platinum debit card features. Apart from this, being a very important measure for the card holder this will also come as a valuable aid in the event of any untoward event to the dependents and others in the family. This is a clear win-win situation for both the card holder and the bank in terms of usage and winning a good customer circle.

Benefits of Platinum Debit card also include a considerably high limitation on the amount that can be withdrawn from the ATMs of the bank. This is at Rs. 1 Lakh as against Rs. 25000 that is being offered by most other banks. Similarly, the card can be used to make purchases at the retail outlets to a maximum amount of Rs. 1.25 Lakhs on a single day. This will help customers make planned purchases in the events of special occasions like marriage, where they will have to make fatter purchases.

Over and above these, the most important amongst the platinum debit card features, is the 1% cash back that one gets at the time of purchase or the refund of the fuel surcharge.

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