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Launch of E –post and its Services

It was during the year 2001 that the Indian Postal Department launched a new service called the E-Post. This service was launched in order to reach out to customers who did not have access to internet connectivity. Through this facility, a customer can send letters to any of the destination within India through internet. The letter would then be delivered at the destination point through the hard copy mode. One of the main e-post office benefits was that, it helped the Indian postal department to reach out to a very big customer base. Recently, international locations too have been added to the impressive list of locations of this E-post service.

Money Exchange made Simple!

E-post, which was launched around a decade back, is not only helpful in sending and receiving letters and cards. Money exchange too can be done here. Through this mode, the sender could transfer money through electronic mode from about 178 countries to the accounts of designated post offices all over the country. The receiver could then approach his or her nearest post office, provide documents of his or her identity and then collect the money from the postmaster in cash or cheque mode. Some of the main e-post office benefits are the following:

  • The process is simple and easy to understand
  • Delivery is quicker
  • Red-tapism is avoided
  • Loss in transit can be eradicated completely
  • More than one lakh post offices within India are connected through this service
  • Money and letters can be sent from international locations as well

Facilities offered

Some of the e-post office facilities are the following:

  • Messages sent through mail will be downloaded, printed and then sent to the right destination by the postmen.
  • Once messages or money is sent through the online mode, the senders can easily track them through unique tracking IDs and can be assured that their letters are on the right track.
  • Money exchange is now simple and error-free.

One of the recent e-post office facilities that have been launched by India Postal Department is the pension facilities for the aged people. This service was launched during 2010 and has been hugely beneficial for the targeted customers.

Senders can send their messages in the A4 size paper only. Other sizes are not permitted, however, there is no threshold on the number of A4 papers that a sender can use for a single time. Currently the e-post rates are 10 INR for one paper for one addressee.

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