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Enjoy Limitless With Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

Axis bank is India’s third largest private sector bank. Established in 1994, Axis bank is one of the first new generation private banks and it offers a vast range of financial services to its customers. One of these is the Credit Card service. They offer many different types of credit cards so that customers can choose the ideal card according to their needs and requirements. With the huge number of options available in the market, choosing the right credit card for you is not easy but with Axis bank premium credit cards, the choice has been made easy. These cards come with all features and benefits that you could ask for.

The Axis Bank Infinite credit card is a lot more than just a credit card. It opens up a limitless world for you. This card this credit card fits in perfectly into the luxurious world of the elite. The EMV certified chip credit card gives unparalleled security. It cuts down the possibility of skimming fraud and counterfeit.

Axis bank understands that more than anything, customers look for peace of mind and satisfaction. This is exactly what the infinite credit card by Axis bank provides. It gives a complimentary insurance cover worth Rs. 4.57 crores. This includes air accident cover, Credit shield, travel related covers and lost card liability. This will put your mind at ease relieving you any unnecessary worries.

The International Concierge Services can be accessed from anywhere in the world through internet or phone. These services can be availed round the clock according to the customer’s convenience. The friendly and efficient Concierge Services Executives provide assistance for a wide range of lifestyle services. This service can also be availed online through the web enabled Concierge Services.

With this credit card, each customer feels valued and special thanks to the several facilities and benefits. One such eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program that allows you to indulge in very carefully selected 500 reward items. All you need to do is to keep collecting reward points as you spend.  There are 6 exiting categories to choose from. Only 300 points are needed for a well deserved reward.

All credit card payments can be made in easy EMIs. Apart from this, there are numerous other features and benefits. The infinite credit from Axis Bank is loaded with features and is ideal for a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. There is a boundless world that can be explored with this card.

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