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Coverages You Get in Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance policy comes with an agreement to insure us depending on our proposal to them. Their policy records the entire agreement process between them and us and it sets out what they insure, how they insure and what they expect from us and what we can expect from them.

The Bajaj Allianz Medical insurance policy covers

  • Medical expenses
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Medical Check-up

Medical Expenses

If we get hospitalized following the recommendation of a Doctor due to any illness or any accidental body injury continued or tapered during the tenure of the policy, then they will pay us all the sensible and normal medical expenses that occurred as below:

  • Hospitalization expenses

They cover all expenses occurred as in-patient in a hospital for accommodation, all boarding expenses including patients diet supplied by the nursing home/hospital/nursing care, special attention from any medically qualified staff member, undergoing medically essential procedures and all medical consumables.

  • Pre-Hospitalization expenses

In respect of all medical treatment of any illness during the period of consecutive 60 days immediately after our admission to hospital for that specific illness, provided that the above mentioned 60 day starts and ends within the policy period.

  • Post-hospitalization expenses

In respect of any medical treatment and all other necessary check-ups for duration of upto 90 days after getting discharged from a hospital for medical treatment associated to the accidental body injury or illness.

Ambulance Expenses

In cases where the claim under the Cover is acknowledged, they will take care of nominal cost which is maximum amount of 1000 INR per each applicable hospitalization declare for transporting us to hospital or between the hospitals in the respective hospital ambulance or in any  other ambulance that is offered by any of the service providers of ambulance.

Medical Check-up

Towards the end of each constant period of four years, throughout which if we hold our health guard policy without doing any single claim, then we may contact them for a free medical check-up. Consultation with a physician, SGPT, SGOT, Lipid profile serum creatinine, fasting blood sugar, complete blood count and ECG and scheduled urine analysis at the famous Bajaj Allianz Diagnostic Centre, the locality of which will be clearly mentioned during the time of application. In order to make it more clear, they are not liable towards any other peripheral or ancillary expenses or costs (includes but not confined to those for sustenance or accommodation, transportation).

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