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Citrus Pay Launches Cube Mobile App for Monthly Bills Management and Payment

The younger generation has become more undisciplined on financial matters and their spending pattern has gone out of the way. This has resulted in getting into debt traps and a cycle of non-payments and penalty payments. Hence, to make the payments hassle free, avoid missing out on payment due dates and also track the expenditures, the Citrus Payment Solutions has launched the cube mobile app for bill managements.

The Citrus cube mobile app is intended for individual for domestic payment of bills which is a digitised manager to track, remind and pay the regular bills. The features of cube mobile application are user friendly and upon downloading the app on handset, one can customise the bills as per their requirement. The data that can be populated on the app include due dates of the bills, multiple vendors, usual payment data, and historic data (to be fed manually) and the penalty rates, in case of defaults, if any.

The citrus cube mobile app can also be accessed offline which does not require a working internet connection. By using the Features of Cube Mobile Application, one can get control over their spending habits and plan their bills accordingly. This will enable better financial discipline for a tension free future.

The archives data of the app can be utilised to see how, when, what and whose payments are made along with customising the categories like Gym or education or society. Also visually appealing graphs can be obtained from this app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms with a dedicated back-end support team to hand-hold the new users.

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