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Benefits Provided by SIP from Birla Sun Life to Life Insurance

We don’t know what tomorrow beholds for us and that is precisely why we have to keep ourselves and our families covered against any untoward or unpleasant activities that may occur in the future. If they don’t befall us, then we can consider ourselves very lucky and use up the money saved using Birla sun life insurance policy for other needs or for further savings. 

The biggest and best advantage of the SIP or the systematic investment plan is that one does not have to invest lump amounts. This could be as small as Rs. 1000 or even Rs. 500 and can be any amount that is possible for the investor. They can invest in amounts that they can feel comfortable putting away from their monthly earnings. As they continue growing they can also look at options of investing in more such schemes or in increasing their amount of savings in their respective Birla Sun Life insurance policy.

There are schemes that also give you an additional life insurance cover along with the investments that you are offered. This is definitely a nice option as a life cover can come in handy when you need it the most. We need to consider this as an integral benefit that we are getting from our savings. The amount of the life cover generally depends on the premium paid and the total amount of insurance that is paid on the cover. This will be a big plus when luck fails us, and our intelligent mode of saving will be a good reason for us to smile. More than the member who takes up the insurance, this is a good benefit for his nominee and other family members who will find it useful.

Another must note point about the Birla Sun life insurance policy is the member can give standing instructions through which the group can directly get the amount transferred from the bank on a particular day in the month. This will ensure that there are no slips and if the member has to go and pay this up, then there could be some delays either because they have to travel to another place or because there could be some other needs that come and they can get carried away and plan to spend this later.  The EMI option offered by the Birla Life Insurance through the smaller SIP is a great hit.

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