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Benefits of Having American Express Cards

There are many categories of American Express Cards that is on offer for the consumers. The bank decides on the card to be given to the member on factors that include their monthly income, the total debt payouts and the remaining money that is left. When the application form is filled up for the card, and the representative of the bank explains the American Express cards features giving the nuances of the card management. They will also highlight how the members can get additional points and where they can use the points that they have accumulated.

The American express card is used globally internationally at most outlets and is most useful for members who travel to international destinations. There are very few banks who offer cards that can be used internationally and opting for the card from American Express serves the member on his foreign trips as well. When the cards are swiped, the members also get some membership points, which they can redeem for useful purchases – like converting the points to airline miles on which they can buy air tickets or they can choose anything from lifestyle products to entertainment to personal hygiene. So one purchase on the card leads to another free purchase and this is one of the best features of the card.

For the comfort of members, American express card online features can also be configured for the first time using their username and the pin number. The member is given the opportunity to choose a pin number of his choice and if not chosen within a specified time frame, the bank generate one randomly and get it sent to their home address as registered with them. This is another feature of security offered by the bank to prevent misuse of the card if accidentally stolen or misplaced.

Since web banking services are all configured on the site, the members can use the American express card online services to make payments or to view statements. They can look at their credit limits and even cross check the expenses that they have made using the card. This saves a lot of time because of late, most banks have stopped paper statements as part of their go green initiatives and without the online services, the members will have to call the bank each and every time and wait for the executives to come on the line and then answer their questions.

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