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Advantages of Fixed Deposits

In Indian, (FD) Fixed Deposits is 1 of most common forms of financial commitment. It allows getting cash for set time interval and most of time at set amount interest. Financial institutions in a country offer set interest amount, which means that amount will not get changed once lifetime of set down payment. Some banks such as HDFC provide the choice of floating amount. Under this choice a financial institution, as in a case, HDFC announces its amount every quarter and also accordingly the attention amount on FDs will get changed. Savings consideration is the normal consideration where you will put and withdraw your cash with convenience. It’s the frequent consideration that all open with a financial institution. Since, financial institution consideration gives only 3.5% interest, FDs will be accepted as better choice, since they will give better return depending upon time interval. An senior citizens would get up till 0.51% higher attention amount on Fixed Deposits.

Any financial commitment portfolio should comprise right mix of secure, average and risky investment strategies. While mutual funds as well as stocks are favorite contenders for average and risky investment strategies, set remains, government bonds etc. are considered secure investment strategies. Fixed remains had been particularly well-known among large section of investors in Indian as secure financial commitment choice for long period.

Benefits of FD          

  • Safety
  • The set remains of reputed banks and financial institutions regulated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) the banking regulator in Indian are very secure and considered as one of the safest financial commitment methods.

  • Regular Earnings
  • Benefits of FD earn set attention levels for their entire interval, which is usually compounded quarterly. So, those who want ongoing revenue regularly can spend into set remains and use the attention amount as their income. This makes a set down payment very well-known way of investing cash for retirees.

  • Saves tax
  • With directives of tax department stating that financial commitment in set remains up till maximum of amount Rs.100,000 for next five years will be eligible for the tax deduction under section 80 C of the tax act, set remain have become well-known. Fixed remains save tax and provides preferred tax treatment on spent cash.


  • Lower rate of returns While the cash invested in stock market will provide you with return of 20% the set remains will yield about 11%. So, cash grow slowly in case of set remains.
  • Taxes
    The attention earned on set remains is fully taxable and will be added to annual salary of individual. Gains from stocks
  • There are two kind of FDs, but usually when a personal refers to about FDs consider it e a set down payment from a financial institution. The other type of set down payment is offered by corporates. Bank FDs will be offered by financial institutions and non-banking organizations. Both these organizations are controlled by RBI, and remains up till INR 1 lakha per consideration are assured by RBI. Business FDs are offered by corporates who will be looking to increase cash from start industry. Business FDs pay better pay of attention because they bring high danger than financial institution FDs, since they will  not be assured.

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